Careful handling of the biggest and most sensitive cargoes

Fracht provide technology customers with the speedy, dependable, secure and on-time transport solutions, that build competitive advantage.

End-to-end transport solutions are adapted specifically to match the characteristics of your hi-tech products in terms of security, safety and quality.

We understand that the safe transport of even the biggest consignments depends on secure handling and that sensitive cargoes require delicate handling. Which is why our specialised packaging solutions can protect the most fragile consignments, with shock and environmental monitoring.


The transportation of valuable, fragile and sensitive cargo requires careful planning and efficient handling at all stages.


We secure, transport, and position the most sensitive electronic, telecom, and computing equipment from factory to end-user. Keeping your customer’s promise.



Our solutions consistently deliver maximum security, safety, and environmental protection benefits.


Fast, reliable and efficient global solutions

“ Outsize shipments, precision instruments, and sensitive cargo”

Technology sector expertise that extends from the global factory floor to final destination and end-users of electronic equipment, consumer electronics, industrial automation, computer hardware and telecoms.
Our secure logistics solutions incorporate warehousing, distribution, order fulfilment and ‘white glove’ deliveries, for on-site installation.