Long distance shipping with close control

Fracht ship 300,000 containers every year, negotiating rates, volumes and services levels, on the most important trade lane, with every major carrier across the three alliances.

With Fracht’s buying-power, you access competitive rates, frequent departures and the capacity you need, to and from every major location.

Successful shipping is much more than port to port transport. Fracht control origin and destination velocity, which means that you can manage your cargo flow effectively and transport your goods swiftly to the destination of your choice.

LCL Less-than-Container Load

  • The most cost-effective way to ship long distances
  • Regular services to/from key global destinations
  • National collection and delivery
  • Fast, reliable, secure with maximum flexibility
  • Reduce inventory with small, more frequent orders
  • Full track and trace

FCL Full Container Load

  • Fast transit times
  • Space and equipment guarantees
  • Door-to-door solutions to all continents
  • Buyers and multi-country consolidation
  • Premium services and competitive rates
  • All types of specialised equipment to meet your needs


  • Your first choice for transporting your goods by sea
  • The ideal blend of reliability, security and speed
  • Widest range of transit times and route options
  • Origin collection and on-delivery, from door to door
  • International customs clearance and compliance


Small really can be beautiful

“Dealing with a big problem, a little bit at a time .”

Like many shippers, this customer used factory loaded full container loads, to import finished goods from China, by fastest transit, to meet customer demand.
The quick transit achieved was often undermined by high inventory and shipping costs.
We encouraged the customer to move away from ‘delivered’ to ‘FOB’ terms and established a multi-vendor consolidation programme, to build FCL’s in line with forecast requirements and use LCL for smaller, more urgent orders.
Our customer drove down inventory and freight costs, while minimising handling costs, with direct end-user deliveries.