Quality Policy Statement

At the Top Management level and throughout the business, Fracht UK staff is totally committed to providing a reliable and highly professional, quality and economical service to importers and exporters.

Recognising the importance of consistently providing our customers with the highest standard of quality and reliability of services, the management and staff of Fracht UK are totally committed to a formal company quality policy.

Fracht UK endeavours to comply with the international ISO 9001 quality standards, as well as continuously striving for excellence and seeking continual improvement in all of our activities and services.

Fracht UK is a company dedicated to working in partnership with our customers and suppliers to achieve mutual success. Our people are our most precious assets. Without their experience, ability and commitment, Fracht UK would cease to exist. The growth of our business depends on the investment in our people.

We are devoted to helping our employees develop their skills through planned and thoughtful training, so to ensure that full potential and personal fulfilment is achieved.

Fracht UK firmly believes in creating a relaxed working atmosphere that welcomes the challenge and encourages the contributions of every one of us. This, in turn, helps us all acquire both personal fulfilment and business success.

This policy will be communicated to all persons working for and on behalf of the company and is available to the public via our company website.

ISO 9001 Accreditation