Protecting our customers supply chains – future proofing during a tough time

We are taking all necessary steps to secure capacity, to protect our customers’ air and sea freight needs through expanded carrier relationships and selected charter deals.
Even against the background of low capacity and record-breaking spot rates, airlines and shipping lines, for a variety of reasons, have often failed to come through with the solutions we need and in continuing to meet our shippers’ needs, we need to be innovative.
While a few shipping lines are tinkering with developing their own airlines, in a bid to offer their biggest customers a single solution for their shipping needs, the reality is that the narrow airport-to-airport offer of most air carriers, is massively short of the integrated logistics solutions that we deliver and the biggest shippers will never put ‘all their eggs in one basket’. Agility between transport modes is now imperative to ensure product arrives in market or at the manufacturing facility on time.
Maersk has an estimated 70,000 shipper customers and while its airline subsidiary, Star Air, currently operates for UPS, it seems highly likely that, once it has the right infrastructure and equipment in place, Maersk will kick-out UPS and replace it with its own shippers, though this will represent a tiny percentage of the customer base.
Rather than looking for a one-stop shop, our experience of air freight customers, is a requirement for speed, transparency, quality and reliability, at market-competitive rates. This is what we do, day in and day out.
In many respects the flying part of an operation is the easy bit, it’s in the ground-handling and the logistics at either end, that makes air freight successful and can provide competitive advantage, if executed efficiently. Yet none of this is being integrated and offered by airlines and it is extremely unlikely that the shipping lines will be able to. We do this in a tailored way, down to consignment level, ensuring expectations are met and ideally exceeded.
The airlines have, in the past, allowed cargo to be no more than a contribution to the fixed costs of a passenger flight. They have shown little or no interest in the ultimate customers’ situation or needs, and appear to have learned little from the integrators, who took so much of their market share, through the end-to-end management of smaller cargo movements. This is where innovation and hard work have delivered results to our customers and will continue to in the future with a true door to door measurable service and deadline driven solution.
It would have been inconceivable before the pandemic that the cash haemorrhaging container shipping lines would logically consider moving into air freight, but with billions to spend, it seems anything is fair game. However, now when many of the delays are caused through the inefficiencies and dysfunctionality of ocean shipping schedules, it looks like an exceptional business model. Broken supply chains need repairing after all – and that’s where the time critical air freight product becomes essential delivered through experience, relationships and expertise.
We are constantly evolving and innovating, to add more value-added services, and customer-focused initiatives.
This total commitment to the customer, valuable technology and complete door-to-door solutions is a mind-set that air and sea carriers are simply incapable of providing. 
We are driven entirely by our customers’ needs and expectations. For further information contact Elliot Carlile, who would be delighted to talk to you about your requirements.