Gas, fuel and renewable power

Fracht has immense experience in the renewable and traditional energy sectors, in mature and emerging markets.

Supporting the construction of new power stations, the renovation of existing stations and, increasingly, conversion to use sustainable fuels, we regularly plan, prepare and transport the huge power generators, blades, towers and casings and equipment, that make up wind turbines.

While wind, solar and hydro energy projects are increasingly common, we continue to support emerging markets’ investments in new and upgraded power infrastructure.


Full project management for the most demanding cargoes and tightest deadlines, from pre-planning and surveys to load, route, lift and compliance planning.


We handle everything from the biggest and heaviest power generators to ultra-sensitive components that require protection from the elements and the most delicate handling.


No matter the cargo, transport mode, terrain or environment, we plan and manage everything end to end, from loading specially chartered vessels or transport.


The power to deliver

“By breaking the most demanding projects into individual tasks, you guarantee 100% success”

As part of a 2,000-megawatt power plant project in the UK, Fracht assembled 80,000 freight tons of cargo from three origins, including two 500 ton gas turbines, two 400 ton generators and 52 additional components, with an overall length of 30 meters. Skidding and skating units, in conjunction with heavy cranes, manoeuvred pieces into position for assembly.