Building resilience in project solutions

The construction industry is critical for businesses and communities, and no matter how harsh your working conditions, or location challenges, Fracht will always ensure that you get innovative, reliable and tailored solutions that guarantee safety and deadline dependability.

Our construction project team are incredibly knowledgable in the working of heavy lift operations, the science behind heavy lifting, the chartering of exceptional transport and the mitigation of the health and safety risks involved in such projects.

From local, regional and international sources to your site, you can depend on Fracht to identify and meet the unique requirements of each delivery to ensure that we always configure solutions that convey a maximum benefit.


The transportation of oversized and heavy energy cargo requires careful planning and efficient handling at all stages.


We prepare, transport, and position the most demanding cargoes in the most challenging conditions and difficult terrains from source to site.


Our solutions consistently deliver maximum security, safety, and environmental protection benefits.


Building customer solutions

“ Construction freight, supply chain management and logistics”

Keeping the supply chain running to maximum efficiency is critical for any construction project on track.
Fracht moves the heavy equipment, modular components, fabricated elements and the myriad individual pieces that go into civil engineering, commercial and residential projects on a scheduled and just-in-time (JIT) basis.