Securing personnel, products and the environment

Extensive specialist knowledge gained over many years, and access to the broadest range of specialised equipment, is how Fracht safely and securely overcomes the chemical industry’s biggest logistical challenges.

Safety, environmental security and regulatory compliance in the transportation of chemical products and dangerous goods are challenges we help the chemicals industry overcome daily.

In delivering the highest quality and safety standards – ISO 9001 | 14001 – our team undertake continuous training, and our work is subject to external long-term quality checks.


Pre-feasibility studies, site, location and road surveys are always predicated on safety, regulatory compliance and environmental protection.


From source to site, we prepare, transport and position the most demanding cargoes, in the most challenging conditions and difficult terrains.


Adherence to statutory regulations is critical in planning, handling and transporting chemicals, with environmental and personal protection a particular priority.


Multi-layered expertise

“ Supporting chemical customers on every level.”

Specialists in handling chemical products, we are experienced in the transportation of the most hazardous substances, with or without temperature controls, in full compliance with the highest quality and safety standards.
In addition to moving the finished product, we handle the raw materials, position the equipment that will manufacture them, the power plant that delivers energy to the plant and the tank terminals that store product.