Avoiding container demurrage and storage charges over the Platinum Jubilee

As the country prepares to celebrate the Queen’s record-breaking reign, with an extended bank holiday, we consider the potential penalty traps waiting to catch out the unwary shipper during the break and how you can avoid demurrage, detention and port charges.

Shipping lines and ports levy time-based charges, to encourage swift return of containers and to penalise for extended use, or port space used.

Avoiding demurrage, detention and port rent charges, are always a race against time, because the clock is ticking from the minute a ship docks, with inbound containers, or an exporter collects an empty container for loading.

And that clock keeps ticking through bank holidays, which could be critical over the 4 day, Platinum Jubilee. Freight movements and related costs do not stop for weekends, holidays or the arrival and departure of vessels or aircraft, regardless of the circumstances, unfortunately.

As always, we want you to avoid these unwelcome fees, which is why we recommend best use of any free period, by planning ahead, to ensure your documentation is complete and delivery bookings are confirmed and completed before the 2nd June.

The run-up to the extended bank holiday will be particularly challenging for hauliers and we would urge you to coordinate your warehouse slots and labour availability, with booked deliveries, to avoid mishaps and penalties.

For more information on how we can help you avoid demurrage and detention fees, please get in touch with our sea freight team. Led by Andy Smith, sea freight director, they can advise and recommend the best solutions to avoid unnecessary costs. Sharing your forecasts, will aid scoping and planning, to agree best progression.