Caring for safety, health and the environment

The mining industry is embracing a range of challenges, from reducing and avoiding environmental damage and pollution, to streamlining operations and improving reliability.

We understand how these difficulties apply in the mining sector, which is why we can support your logistics objectives with safety, health and environmental care in mind.

Our mining knowledge and expertise, ensures that your risk assessment and project management solution will keep your operations secure, safe and smooth.


The transportation of oversized and heavy energy cargo requires careful planning and efficient handling at all stages.


We prepare, transport, and position the most demanding cargoes in the most challenging conditions and difficult terrains from source to site.


From handling heavy and oversized cargo to navigating the most demanding routes, Fracht manages complexity and eradicates the risk.


From concept to completion

“ Helping our customers successfully execute global mining projects”

Regularly focused on remote locations – often with poor infrastructure – mining projects are typically the most challenging, particularly when combined with tight time schedules.
Keeping safety paramount, we adapt transport solutions and modes to suit the available infrastructure and load stability, supported by detailed route studies and cost calculations.
In addition to the chartering and transport solutions our project management includes packing, lashing and securing, documentation and acceptance at site, including handling and positioning.